Imagine taking a 1st class cabin on an A380, to connect with your luxury yacht.

You’re sitting in a deeply padded arm chair, watching a movie, and sipping champagne. There is a tray of neat canapés, lined up like obedient soldiers, at your right hand. You want to pull down a sun shade, so you reach for a button.

That is what posh buyers desire.

Some want to be seen, and some want to be shielded. Others lust for clicking cameras as they step out on to a red carpet. They demand the best, and have the where-with-all to get it.

The Car

Long wheelbase saloons are a place where no expense is spared.

We like a bit of luxury after a difficult day, and Jaguar has always been known for spoiling anyone lucky enough to score a lift in one, even as a humble passenger. Few marques ever become classics, and classic car shows are stuffed full of old Jags.

The cabin is cocooned in Semi aniline leather. Chairs, doors, and ceiling, have the butter-soft cowhide coverings. Lavish woodgrain adorns

doors, and a 2 part glass sunroof has interior roller shades. Every surface oozes luxury and convenience.

The only thing missing is a chandelier.

Jaguar XJ is the tops the UK carmaker’s range, and is made from low weight aluminium. Those weight savings bring added strength and comfort. It can all be recycled if the owner grows tired of being transported in abject luxuryt.

As technology is rolled out, club-like atmosphere is complimented by additional driver support and passenger features.

Rear passengers are surrounded by discrete roller blinds on all windows. A simple press of a button blocks out those prying eyes, so what happens in the back, stays in the back.

The seat on the passenger’s side has a foot rest which can transform a reclining chase.

The Trip

If Australia’s capital, Canberra, sounds a bit dull, think about making the trip in a limousine. Suddenly, it is a bit less of a trial.

After a night spent packing a picnic lunch, and chilling a bottle of champagne, we were ready.

We set off early in the morning. The cabin was bathed in the eerie blue glow of subtle ambient lighting.

We cruised along Sydney’s normally crowded M5 freeway, seeing few others silly enough to be up before sunrise. Most were arriving home from the night before, shoes in hand.

Soon, we were at 110kph on the motorway, leaving the tunnels and fuss far behind.

Cloudlike ride, and frisky handling, is worthy of Jaguar’s sporting heritage. This is what an XJ was made for. Crossing continents becomes an event, and the arrival is something you want to put off, just for a bit.

You waft along in near silence. It is punctuated by the occasional roar of the supercharged V8 up front.

What’s on in Canberra?

Canberra is positively crammed full of embassies and galleries. The national museum, National Gallery, and Arboretum,  can be seen in a single day.

If you’re lucky enough, a spring visit for Floriade sees parks and gardens brimming with colour. As you cross Lake Burleigh-Griffin, a display of flowers takes pride of place in a nearby public park. There is plenty of entertainment too. If you’d rather, champagne can be sipped, and tasty treats nibbled, as you observe passers-by from a discrete marquee.

Check Visit Canberra for events for the time of your visit, and Jaguar for the full buying experience. A canny punter would hire an XJ with a driver for a more regal experience.