VW Arteon Shooting Brake and Volvo V60 Cross Country, Two Grand Dames Compared

I blame you, the public with your SUV-obsessed buying habits, for killing the much-loved wagon. Wagon is no longer a fashionable word, and we have to use idiom to disguise the infinite practicality of a sedan-based fun machine. Arteon Shooting Brake comes from a long lineage of British poshness, where people went into the countryside and killed things for fun. V60 Cross Country has more than a whiff of grand exploration, so this pair had better live up to their promises.


Both the VW and Volvo have sexy-esque looks that belie their multi-use ability.

Arteon is slightly more handsome, with its slinky, low-slung body that begs to take a load in the back. It took the sedan to exotic places you’d not dare take a tourer. The Volvo is also long, but doesn’t look as low, however the VW is slightly taller. Looks can be deceiving.

Neither is intended to perform the testosterone-laden task thrown at a full-on SUV, so they can afford to concentrate on being elegant and lusty instead.

Both are covered in cameras and sensors, and both are AWD, with fancy motorised rear hatches, and Matrix Led headlights.

The Volvo has Thor’s Hammer DTRLs, while the Arteon’s highlight is surely its gorgeous pillarless windows. Arteon’s tail lights do a little dance as the car awakens, while the Volvo illuminates most of the D pillar in radiant LED glamour.

V60 has 19” wheels, with a space saver spare. The Shooting Brake had larger 20” wheels, a full size alloy spare, and very low profile tyres. The latter have been a problem on the badly damaged roads, and went flatter than a Trump campaign. Thank the lords for a full-size spare.

VW Arteon

Shooting Brake

Volvo V60

Cross Country

Height 1447 1432
Length 4866 4761
Width 1871 1850