2021 Jaguar XE R-Dynamic BLACK AWD

Jaguar is as British as the Bank of England, Fish and Chips, and the union Jack. It is the preferred carriage of royalty, and in the 60’s, the Kray twins.

Like the Kray twins, Jaguar XE many moods and personalities, from suited gent in a bowler, to knuckle-dustered thug in a vest. That’s all down to superb engineering that keeps all the oily stuff tucked out of the way until it’s needed.

XE isn’t a particularly old model, but in 2021 it got updates to make it even more beautiful, and more potent. The Kray twins favoured the MK II Jag in a 160kw 3.8L, so they’d have felt at home in the 221kw/400Nm XE

The Black Pack XE costs $64,704, and our car came with tasty extras like a glass opening roof, heads up display, a smart LCD screen rear view mirror, wireless charger, privacy rear glass, and a split folding rear seat, adding up to $69,874.

Sir Bill Lyons said that Jaguar was known for Space, Grace, and Pace, and that is as true today as it was 50 years ago. I’d add “Class, Speed, and Handling,” but hey, that’s just me.

Get the BROCHURE, PRICING and Spec Guide HERE: 21MY_Jaguar XE_Spec Guide_V2_260421_5YW_tcm642-867379

Luxury cabin:

The exterior looks spectacular, possibly best in class, but it is the restful cabin that treats passengers like kings.

There is nothing worse than tacky plastic ruining the ambience and although there is plastic, it feels like quality. White perforated leather was as soft as butter, and adjusted for just the right fit. All the surfaces are soft touch adding to the posh feel.

Rear space is snug, but it always is in small luxury cars. Those in back would want to ask those in the posh pews to move forward a smidge, depending on the mood up front. There are USB outlets in the front console, with a couple of 12v outlets for good measure.

Ambient lighting can be set to your mood colour to create just the right atmosphere.

Last but not least, all 4 doors have smart access keyless entry.