VW Australia sent its product managers to work creating a special “entry level” GTI.

Whilst 3 doors have been available in other markets, they haven’t been seen here in a very long time.

Many of the driver aids have been left out, but the 169kw engine, selectable drive modes, and the latest Volkswagen infotainment system have been included.


Redesigned exterior touches have been kept subtle, but LED head and tail lights, Seville alloy wheels, and GTI red highlights make the car look special.

A 3 door body brings back the sporty look to what has been a hot “family” hatch.

Design and style is a deeply personal thing, and what one person finds attractive, another will find dull. In many ways the body is unadorned, but price will out. To me, it looks stunning because of the simplicity and the aggressive angles.


2018 Volkswagen Golf GTi Original.

All materials feel top quality. Dash, doors and other surfaces have a soft-touch finish. Buttons and knobs have a reassuring resistance to them and leave a sensation of longevity about them.

Tartan fabric evokes memories of the days of the early GTI models. It isn’t hard to imagine the GTI Original being the great, great, grandson of the GTI MKI.

The cabin doesn’t feel grand, but nor does it feel poverty-stricken.

The rear seats in 2 door cars get less use than those in cars with rear doors, which is half of the charm of it.

Seat adjustments are manual, and the rear windows are fixed.