2018 CITROËN C3 Shine Road Test, Review, and tour

What a fun little car CITROËN C3 is.

It’s unique design echoes the 2CV people’s car from CITROËN’s halcyon past. Who would think it could have been recaptured so masterly?

2CV was rumoured to be able to carry a farmer and a basket of eggs across a ploughed field without breaking either the eggs of the farmer. C3 doesn’t make the same claims, but it certainly feels capable of it.

We drove it at the Australian launch. Read about it HERE.

With the benefit of time, I thought perhaps C3 wouldn’t be quite as good as I remembered it, but it was.


The cute-as-a-button package looks more a feisty mini SUV than a boring old city-hatch.

Eschewing the common-as-muck angular wedge with mismatched lines and bumps we see in a lot of new cars, C3 is all smooth and rounded. Strong lines at the front, air bumps on the doors, and unique wheel design are standouts.

Headlights in a two-part arrangement see the main lights lower in the bumper with the upper array housing the DTRLs and indicators.

This array forms part of an air intake which incorporates the CITROËN “chevron” badge. The twin angles are inspired by the angles form by the teeth of gears and harken back to the earliest days of the brand.

The 5 door hatch has “air bumps” along the lower sections of the passenger doors. These are not merely decorative either. At the Cactus launch, CITROËN allowed us to bang shopping trollies into the bumps to see how it performed, and it was good.

The Air Bumps withstood all but the most severe of trolley collisions. It demonstrated how use in your local Aldi carpark protected the larger expanses of metal. You can change the bump’s colour too.

Customisation has become a CITROËN trademark. You can select roof, body, and trim colours to get an individual combination among hundreds of possibilities. Some combinations cost a few extra shekels.

Window frames are blacked out and highlighted against brightly coloured side mirrors.

17” diamond cut CROSS BLACK alloy wheels look the business, and are a long way from the tin