There is nothing more rewarding to some, than dropping the roof and heading in to the yonder, especially in a Mustang. However,  it is also true that nothing is more cliché than 2 blokes on Oxford St, in an open top Mustang. It is so close to the 2022 Mardi gras as makes no never mind, so perhaps apart from being quaintly cliché, it is also apropos.

Many think of Yank Tanks as fulsomely bosomed, with the drinking habits of a drag queen and the road manners of Liam Gallagher on a bender. Actually, that’s pretty accurate.

Even though Ford has chucked everything they have at Mustang over the last 7 years, she is showing her age.

Let me explain:

I can imagine the arse-kicking over in Dearborn when that 2-star letter landed in the CEO’s inbox. Incandescent, the soporific CEO pressed his powder-wigged flunkies into immediate action, and driver aids are added. Fitting a 7-year-old Mustang design with a couple of tasty tech goodies is like refitting Tara with a lift and disco lights. Although it brought the coupé’s 2-star ANCAP rating up to 3-stars, the drop top remaining untested.

Let me set the scene: