We’ve been waiting for Toyota’s all new Landcruiser 300 series as if we’ve been in labour for a decade. Perhaps it is this expectation that led to just a touch of disappointment. The new car looks almost exactly the same as the old one, and that’s not by accident. That shape is LandCruiser. It is what made the brand great, and kicked off the company’s sales in Australia.

LandCruiser helped build the Snowy Hyrdo scheme, is used on outback cattle stations and farms, and runs on construction sites world wide. It oozes a masculinity that translates to desirability.

There is so much in the 300 series to bring it into the next decade, and that includes technology.

A toyota spokesman told GayCarBoys that delivery issues are being experienced industry-wide and LandCruiser 300 is no different.

“Toyota Australia began deliveries of its highly popular LandCruiser 300 on December 6th 2021. This vehicle is currently experiencing longer than expected wait times, due to a number of supply factors as previously announced. We are asking our customers to continue to contact their local dealer for updates on their individual orders.”