I’ve always thought Passat was one of those cars that sadly slipped under the radars of most buyers. Passat fits into the same category as Toyota Camry, Ford Mondeo, Holden Insignia and Malibu, and the Mazda 6. So far this year, sales have been: Camry 6,274, Mazda 6 1,190, Mondeo 1,146, with Holden selling a slightly pathetic 93 of their miserable Malibus, and a rather 2015 Passatshocking 7 excellent Insignias. VW sold 846 Passats, and a further 312 of the SUV-like Passat All-Track. With Commodore gone soon, Holden will want to be taking a serious look at themselves because buyers are not best pleased.

So, back to the VW Passat: You can transport 5 people at a push, or 4 in absolute comfort.

Sadly, Australia considers wagons only fit as a mum’s taxi, or for a dad who has lost the will to live. In fact, it suits anyone with an active lifestyle, or has pets, or who loves a well-catered holiday on the road.

The Passat sedan is great, but the wagon goes one better and ads a capacious cargo hold with a smart electric opener for those who simply can’t manage with gadgets. The automated parking is easy to use and there are multi view cameras for you DIY parkers. The star of the cabin for anyone under 40, must be Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. The top model gets an 8” high quality display with VWs auto-hide utility bar. All your buttons slide out of view when not being used, only to reappear as it senses a finger approaching. It gives you maximum real estate to view your SatNav, or, keep your media available for music selection on the central screen, and display SatNav on the driver’s 12” “virtual dash” LCD instead.

2017 Passat Alltrack Wolfsburg Edition2017 Passat Alltrack Wolfsburg Edition