You’re thinking of driving over the holidays, right, and Road Trips can be fun, but be prepared.

Here’s a list of some useful things you might want to do before you set off:

1: Roadside assistance:

It is a good time to consider whether or not you want to be stuck without help on the side of the road. Auto clubs such as NRMA can help. Newer cars may already have this as part of their warranty, but older cars are more likely to have a nasty turn.

2: Check your car over:

If it hasn’t been serviced in a while, get it done. You can do basic checks yourself, such as oil, coolant, and tyres. When checking tyre condition don’t forget your spare. All tyres should have good tread with no obvious damage. Air pressures should be checked against the manufacturer’s figures. These can be found ON THE TYRES, in your USER GUIDE, and often on panels inside THE DRIVERS DOOR.

If you have an inflation/puncture repair kit, check that is present and NOT OUT OF DATE.

3: Check your licence:

Is your licence still valid? Silly question? Maybe not. Check it anyway. Make sure you keep it with you whenever you are on the road.

4: Check for Car User Guide:

Make sure you know your car. Most of us don’t, so check to see if your user guide is in the glove box or boot. It will tell you where your fuses etc are. It might just save you hours on the side of the road.

5: Check batteries in the key fob:

Key fob batteries are often overlooked. It might leave you stranded. Spending a few dollars on a new battery will keep everyone happy. It is particularly important for cars with smart entry and start. Check to make sure you know where the EMERGENCY KEY is, and how to use it

6: Check Which side your petrol cap on?

Did you know there is an ARROW ON THE FUEL GAUGE? It points to the side of the car with the fuel filler cap.