Defender 90 on a 4-Lad Getaway

For our upcoming review we asked the question: Can 4 lads really go for a weekend away in a 3 door Land Rover.

The answer is: yes, with qualifications.

Defender 90 is the stupidly cute 3-door version of the 4-door Defender 110. Just as the 1950’s  great grandfather Defender looked fabulous in the short wheelbase, so does the 21st century reimagining of the cosy country classic. We reviewed the 4-door HERE.

Cylinders range from 4, to 6 and 8, with the latter getting you to 100 in a sensation over 5 seconds. Considering the hullabaloo the 386kw V8 takes to get there, you’ll be forgiven for thinking the thrifty 4 pot might need a calendar to time the same sprint, but you’d be dead wrong. 7.2 seconds 0-100 left me asking why anyone would bother with adding more cylinders, and dollars, to their orders. It is usually the same suspects, those with more dollars than cents. You only have 1 diesel to choose from, but the petrol engines more than make up for it.

High-powered V8 SUVs are favoured by despots and drugs lords the world over, but the 4 Sydney boys heading out of town in a plucky base model Defender, eschewed that wanton excess.

To further drive home the point, optional (no cost) 18” steel wheels are painted in white, to harken back halcyon days of the Raj, continent-crossing explorers, and the sponsored archaeologists who inspired Christie novels. They replace the 19” alloys, and look all the better for it.