2018 Mazda CX 3 Midlife Update Launch Road Test, Review


CX 3 sold 1,233 units last month and 10,048 so far this year, and is Mazda’s 3rd top selling model behind CX 5 and Mazda 3.

CX 3 is based on Mazda 2, the tiny city car which comes as a sedan and hatch..

There has been a raft of updates to engines, interiors, and exteriors. The bottom two models have received the addition of the “sport” moniker, and a 5th “LE grade will be added to the Akari shortly.

We reviewed other CX models HERE and HERE.

So, is it any good?


There are 8 exterior paint colours, and 5 interiors to choose from. A variable cornucopia of choice variants result. Red has proved to be the most popular, and why not, it goes faster.

New wheels range from 16” to 18” as you move up the range. Akari’s 18” wheels are new and make the little SUV look like is just had a quick workout. It looks all muscular and butch, in a cutsie-pie kind of way. I think the proportions are just right.

The grille has been refined with subtle changes in the lines running across it, and the trim around it. The lower bumper is new, and there are new LED head and tail lights. Akari has radar cruise control, so the Mazda badge at the front is now solid and houses the front facing radar.