Subaru has launched Chapter Two of its brand journey with a 60-second commercial featuring a young girl, Bella, who encourages Australians to recognize the little moments happening in their everyday.

Sitting on the stairs, Bella diligently ties her shoelaces before looking up, full of joy, for someone to share this important moment with.

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Unfortunately, the house is abuzz with family members engrossed in their own routine as they shuffle out the door into their Subaru Outback.

Throughout her journey to school, Bella witnesses a handful of precious moments: leaves falling from an autumn tree, a butterfly landing on the sunroof and a dog enjoying an enthusiastic pat on the sidewalk.

Upon arrival at school, Bella’s mother calls her back, telling her how proud she is of Bella tying her shoelaces earlier that morning.

Amanda Leaney, Subaru Australia General Manager Marketing, said: “Our latest chapter celebrates all mums who, despite the many demands on their attention, still recognize life’s little moments.

“Subaru remains committed to inspiring Australians to connect with one another and to enjoy the moments of joy happening in front of them every day.”

The 60-second commercial, led by creative agency The Works, is supported by a variety of 15-second and 6-second versions as well as product feature commercials highlighting the Subaru Outback’s interior space and infotainment system.

Kevin Macmillan, Creative Partner/Founder at The Works, said: “In a market that’s never been more competitive, Subaru stacks up against the best. Our challenge, first and foremost, is to win the hearts of the audience and doing so is a real team effort.”

Chapter Two reinforces Subaru’s new brand position, an evolution of the customer-centric approach of the “do” philosophy, which debuted in September last year.

The new direction for Subaru focuses on bringing to life the call to action: “every moment is a chance to do”.

Chapter One of the campaign launched with a 60-second commercial featuring a father and son road trip in which the all-new Subaru Forester was presented.

This was complemented with four 15-second product commercials highlighting key features of the Forester and a social campaign, #OneLittleMoment, which aims to bring Australians closer, to reconnect and enjoy the magic of living in the moment