LEXUS started life in Australia 30 years ago as the LS400, with a V8, so now there is the LS500.

Now, for the first time, the Japanese limo is offered with a twin turbo V6 instead. We’ll be reviewing the tasty V6 hybrid soon.

LS500 comes from the same studios which have input into Toyota stablemates, so there are styling cues common to the humble 2019 Camry. That’s not a bad thing. Both cars look handsome, and that’s something I can’t believe I’m saying.

We drove the LC500 and LC500h here



New styling gives LS500 a stunning modern look.

A large “spindle” grille has a complex, hand hewn, cross-hatch effect. LED matrix lights are fully automatic with (progressive) LED indicators which sweep across the lighting array in the direction the car is turning. Distinctive DTRLs (daytime running lights) highlight the fluidic sculpting at the front end.

Despite being a very large car, the side profile manages a svelte, coupe-like silhouette with the waistline sweeping up as it crosses the rear doors. The rear window slopes majestically to a raised lip on the boot lid. This means headroom in the rear seats is cathedral-like and allows plenty of room for the rear seats to gracefully recline.