2019 Range Rover Sport HSE PHEV

Did you know Jaguar Land Rover has a warrant? No, not a warranty, a warrant. Yes ladies and germs HM The Queen, and HRHs Duke of Edinburgh and The Prince of Wales love a bit of a Jaguar.

Liz, Phil, and Chuck don’t mind a Range Rover either.

They can often be seen whizzing about their taxpayer subsidised estates, often without having accidents, unless you count Phil’s car crash of a car crash.

There are many reasons to buy an indulgent pressie too.

Many miffed memsaabs were promised posh presents to sooth savaged sensibilities. What gift is posher than a Range Rover, unless you count diamonds of course.


The metalwork shows what can be done with a hint of imagination.

Bland boxes of blancmange blighting carparks countrywide pale into pastiche by comparison.

Wheels have been upgraded from 20” to 21” alloys on our test car for the princely price of $3,400. The rest of the Range Rover Sport is almost indiscernible from its bigger Range Rover stablemate.

We tested the Sport a few years ago. Since then, a PHEV version was created to satisfy tastes of the responsibly-green well-heeled buyers. And why not indeed?

Only the discrete outlet cover secreted within the front grille, and PHEV badge give the game away.

Headlights are a beautifully complex matrix of individually controlled LEDs. Delicious outlines ring the array in bright white light. Line is another series of LEDs which change to orange once the indicator is activated.

Above:  Range Rover Sport P400 PHEV HSE Review