Why Subaru Forester S is a Great SUV

We’ve tested hundred of SUVs, and their ability for day-to-day use is varied. Subaru Forester has been a favourite for very good reason: It is safe, easy to drive, and excellent value.

Forester it is no raving beauty, but nor is it offensive. It is well equipped too, and after a long drive, is still as comfortable as the moment you first climb on board.

Forester S is practical as a daily driver, and that is its biggest strength. There is a ton of space in the boot, and a back seat big enough for 2 bigguns, comfortably. They have oodles legroom with a small tunnel making room for the drive shaft. The centre third is going to have to like it or lump it.

There is a full-size spare wheel, a must for long distance travel, and a 2.5L flat four boxer engine with AWD and a CVT automatic.

There are gadgets galore:

Subaru isn’t stingy when it comes to techy goodness either.

There are a few favourites such as the passenger’s side kerb-view camera for parking. Apple CarPlay/Android Auto is standard, via USB cable. The sound is brilliant, coming from top-notch Harmon Karon speakers, and there is gesture control for climate temperature. We tried it but several attempts failed to have it going like it should.

Seat heating makes cold days tolerable, and there are all the usual driver and safety aids to make trips both comfortable and safe.

Much of the safety is “passive” and depends on good engineering. The shell has protected serval readers who’ve had unfortunate incidents and lived to tell the tale.

Although lane centering and lane departure make life easier, some of the warnings are just plain annoying. In the bin with them. The smart cruise control uses EYESIGHT stereo cameras to detect lane markings and any vehicles in front. If it sees a car ahead, it bings. It bings again when the car is gone. Why? Just, why? There is another double bong when the car in front moves off in heavy traffic.