The wait is finally over, KIA EV6 is here, but only for 500 people.

The delectable EV6 has been rolled out across world markets to many, many gongs. Along with its IONIQ5 sibling, it is much awarded and awaited. So, was it worth all the hype?

So often seeing a car in person leads to many tears cast soporifically into one’s soup, but not in this case. The exterior is a symphony of lines, sculpting and delicious lighting arrays, even in the base mode “Air”. GT-Line has the extra gear, but one of the few “AIR” tell-tale-base-model signs is the drab grey wheel arch moldings. GET.IN.THE.BIN. And, that’s all I’ll say on the matter.

I love a gadgets, so it seems a little mean Air’s door handles don’t pop out when unlocked as they do in the posh models. You have to push the leading edge to make the trailing edge pivot out. It isn’t a deal breaker, luckily.

It may surprise you to learn EV6 has a wheelbase similar to that of the much larger Palisade from Hyundai. That is a full-size conveyance with a body like The Hulk. EV6 is all slinky and sexy, and in the matte grey, begs you to caress it like a Da Vinci marble.

The swoopy bonnet holds an angry set of LEDs to light the way ahead, and like all BEVs, aims to be as slippery as possible. Although technically an SUV, EV6 feels and looks more like an executive hatch, and I like it a lot. It is striking without being so weird that people run from the room. The obvious comparison is the Segment king, Tesla. Without wanting to comment too much on the American contingent, EV6 is properly put together, and promises to stay that way, backed by a 7 year warranty.

If you squint just the right way, there are hints of other KIA’s present, such as the concave rear end similar to the new Sportage. The rump manages to look both simple and complex at the same time. The lighting array sweeps up in a single glorious line from the front wheel arch, up and across the back door, broken briefly by the rear wheel arch. It then continues a diagonal line up and across the hatch and back around to the front wheel on the other side. Lines in this kind of automotive design celebrate a new kind of freedom afforded by the green ethos of EV-ness.