21 11, 2014

BMW X3 28i and X1 20i: Soft Roaders for the Gravelled Drive Brigade

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We normally drive a car for a full week, but offered a chance for a spin in a couple of updated BMW SUVs we thought a couple of mini-reviews would be in order. That is, mini-reviews of BMWs not mini reviews of Minis. Hope that’s as clear as mud. First, the updated X3 28i. Remember when 28i meant 2.8litre injected [...]

29 01, 2014

Want a butch weekend away on the smell of an oily rag? The Pajero Exceed diesel

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YES YES YES: sexy exterior, roomy interior, feels solid Oh Dear Me No: interior from another era, gadgets falls short of market expectations When I say cheap, I mean the fuel goes a long way but at $73,990 plus on-roads it will cost a bit to own one. The Pajero is a proper 4WD not just a mere soft roader [...]

29 08, 2013

Projecta Folding Solar Panel Kits – Convenient Power on the Move

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      Regular campers and four wheel drivers know that space is at premium when going away for a week or two.  Pack the essential supplies, throw in some kids’ gear, and the roof rack and boot quickly fills leaving little room for awkwardly-sized (but important) items such as solar panels. With the new lightweight and compact Projecta folding [...]

19 08, 2013

Ford’s Wildtrack Wild Child Goes Bush

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  ABOVE:note the tiny screen. Above: centre driver info LCD. Scroll by pressing the small stalk near the “6” in the tacho on the left Above: bins under the rear seats. Above:Rear Tray without the optional roller shutter fitted NOTE rear cowling shown here in grey   Ford Wild Track Ranger Big, bold, butch and Brash. It is an impressive [...]

27 02, 2013

Landcruiser GXL 200 series: King of the Road

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    Folding the rear seats     Above left: The hatchback-tent (on a Ford) Above Right: Crawl Control     Toyota gave me a chance to take a LandCruiser 200 GXL for a week. I was interested to if the bad driving associated with large SUV drivers is the fault of the car or not. OUTSIDE: The receptionist at [...]

16 04, 2011

SUV’s: Soccer mums and their cars that we love to hate

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SUV’s: love them or not, they are here to stay Loved or loathed, SUV’s are here to stay. SUV is the term Americans gave to a broad range of utility vehicles in different body styles but most of which should be more accurately described as All Wheel Drive rather than 4 Wheel Drive. Is there any real difference? Yes there [...]