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Kia Motor Corporation, headquartered in Seoul, is South Korea’s second-largest automobile manufacturer, Kia is well known as a manufacturer of high-quality affordable vehicles. Offering more bang for the buck, if you’re looking for a stylish, fun and feature-filled vehicle Kia may be for you.

1411, 2019

What is New in 2020 KIA Stinger GT

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KIA has made a couple of minor nip-and-tucks for the 2020 model year. Luckily for us, they haven’t stuffed around with it too much. In fact they’re so subtle as to be almost undetectable, and for a change that is a good thing. Inside, the [...]

1111, 2019

What are the Top 10 Australian Cars

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Toyota Hilux scored the top position by a long shot. It sold around 500 units more than the number 2 spot last month. 3,516 sales are down 20.1% on this time last year. Hilux is Toyota's biggest selling car, followed by RAV4 at 2,132 and Corolla with 2,117 sales.  [...]

1910, 2019

2020 KIA Seltos in Noosa Queensland Australia gaycarboys

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2020 KIA Seltos Clever old KIA continues its classic hit parade with new Seltos, and what a peach it is. In this video review, David and I travel some [...]

1210, 2019

KIA Picanto GT, the Perfect City Car

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Is 2020 KIA Picanto GT the best ever City Car? KIA released Picanto to fill a gap in their line-up. In doing so, it reinvigorated the micro car segment, and quite [...]

509, 2019

2020 Kia Stinger 200S: 2 litre powerhouse

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2020 Kia Stinger We drove Stinger at the Australian Launch and reviewed it here. Is Kia Stinger any good? It is bloody awesome. There is no other word  for [...]

1907, 2019

2019 Hyundai World’s first Active Shift Control ASC transmission

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Hyundai Motor Group has developed the world’s first Active Shift Control (ASC) transmission technology. The in-house developed, world-first technology improves gear-shift efficiency for hybrid vehicles and is now set for mass production Active Shift Control reduces gear-shift times by 30 per cent, adds to driving fun, and [...]

1408, 2018

SSZ: Kia and Hyundai develop sound zones for car cabins

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Kia Motors Corporation has revealed for the first time, its next-generation Separated Sound Zone (SSZ) technology that allows each passenger of a vehicle to experience an audio stream tailored to their individual needs, including music, hands-free phone calls, and vehicle alerts, whilst maintaining a headphone-free social space where passengers [...]

1507, 2018

Sportage by KIA Launch VIDEO Review in Canberra Australia

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Sportage gen 4 has been a favourite KIA since its launch in 2016. With looks slightly reminiscent of Range Rover’s Evoque, Sportage looks just as posh. It looks even better now, especially in GT-Line guise. LED lighting is brand new. There are bejeweled headlamps and driving lights, and an [...]

1307, 2018

2018 Kia Sportage Update Review

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January 2016 was when Kia launched the fourth generation of the Sportage Compact SUV into the Australian market. About 2 1/2 years later the increasingly popular brand is upgrading the mid-size Sportage with a mid-model life enhancement. The key refinements include: Diesel drivetrain gains eight-speed auto Revised suspension brings [...]

2506, 2018

2018 Kia Stinger 4-Cylinder Review

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There's a lot to like about the Kia Stinger, but how does the four-cylinder version compare to the V6? That's a question that is pretty easy to answer - it really doesn't. The two versions of Kia's new (and first) large sedan are like chalk and cheese when it [...]

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