Genesis is striking out on its own, stepping out from under the shadow of her big daddy, Hyundai. Once, little more than a posh model of the big Korean, Genesis was spun off as a sub-brand, as Toyota did with LEXUS. Genesis has a stable 5 models, with another arriving in a few months.

Ti put thing into proportion, Genesis sold 80 cars in January, 50 more than Jaguar. To be fair, Land Rover sold a further 339 cars, so things aren’t quite as they seem.

GV80 has 4 models, a 2.5L RWD, 2.5L AWD, a 3.0L straight 6 turbo diesel AWD, and finally, a 3.5L petrol turbo V6 AWD. Seating is 5, 6, or 7 seats depending on model and option pack chosen.

There is a slew of drive modes for tarmac and off-road. There is a mode for every mood and condition.

Get the full specifications list HERE: Genesis_GV80_Spec-Table_July_2021


The striking GV80 metalwork cuts a modern figure on the road. Twin level lights front and back give you a full LED experience. And, although they’re fully automatic, there is no Matrix option.

Wheels across the brand have intricate lattice embellishment to reflect the massive shield grille, and its crisscross façade. GV80 has massive 22” standard rims, making the large and impressive profile even large and more impressive.

There is a certain masculinity about an SUV this big, but this one is tempered with a softness that is somehow mysterious and alluring.