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We’ve been waiting a long time to see Land Rover’s new Disco. It didn’t disappoint.

It is smooth, and takes off-roading to a new high, in the lap of luxury.

With adjustable air suspension, leather trim, and a thrifty V6 under the bonnet, the Disco can go anywhere.

Now on the same platform as a Range Rover, Discovery drives like it looks. Our test car had the optional 7 seat arrangement. All seats operate at the touch of a button.

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You can do it from inside the doors, the front control panel, or a smart phone app.

When you get home and wash off your trusty Landie, it will take you to the opera as comfortably as it did to the top of a mountain.

There is a heap of room, and more gadgets than you can poke a stick at.

The looks depart from the Discos of the past. In its place, a smart new corporate look common across the range. You’d be forgiven for thinking it is a more expensive Range Rover.

The cabin is delicious.

Leather and aluminium trim, and even woodgrain in some models, make the New Discovery feel like a limousine.

You sit very high, as you do in most SUVs, but this one has that extra something special.

Importantly, it has proper 4WD, not just an AWD wannabe pretend transmission.

It can tow 3,500kg if you need to, so is just the ticket for taking the boat out on weekends. In fact, there probably isn’t anywhere you can’t go in an SUV with this much gravitas.

You can option TV too, as well as a fistful of nifty gadgets like rear LCDs and fancy cruise control.

It’s a shame some of these things aren’t already included, but all luxury car makers are the same.

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