2019 Toyota Hilux Rugged X Review,  Road Test, and video.


Toyota Hilux continues to be Australia’s top selling vehicle.

It has consistently held this mantle for a very long time and shows Australians shift to SUVs favours heavily in their buying plans for the foreseeable future. “Hilux is an LCV (light Commercial Vehicle)”, I hear you cry, and so it is.

However, Hilux is full Four-Wheel Drive, with high/low range and switchable 4WD. It is high set, rugged, and is built on a ladder chassis. You can sleep in the back of it, and it will carry up to 5 adults.

You can use it easily in town, and it cruises highways comfortably and economically. The tray makes it infinitely more usable, and the interior is every bit as posh as the 5 door stablemates.

So, I say it is every bit an SUV.

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Hilux Rugged X is the top of the 6-model line-up.

As with all brands, you get lots of extra  stuff as move up through the ranks, and Rugged X is no different. Chunky 17” “rugged” wheels are unique to the top model, and look great. Although fitted with road tyres, high sidewalls allow a little trouble-free off-roading.

Anything more serious will need those notchy off-road tyres. Off-road tyres are noisy and not the best for normal road use.

Hefty bumpers front and rear sit above rescue points and continue the chunky Tonka-toy look of Hilux.

Under the doors, a solid steel rock guard rail has narrow foot plates to help you climb on board. They’re difficult to use as steps, but as body guards, they rock. Normal side steps won’t carry the weight of the car sitting on top, but these rails will. They’re as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar.

The LED headlights and DTRLs are complimented by an LED light bar in the middle of the grille. It comes on with high beam and lights the night with the power of a small sun.

2018 Toyota HiLux Rugged X

The tray liner is sturdy but only covers the floor and tail gate. If you want to bang anything in the back, you’ll need to take care.

Check out the cool fully functional black sports bar. You can put even more lights on it, but if you must, you can tie fishing rods to it.


Seats are comfortable, but only the driver’s seat has power buttons.

You could cross the continent as long as there is no one in the back complaining about the lack of legroom. Rear seats are meant to carry three adults, but good luck with that. There is a neat bag hook on the back of the front seats and bottle and cup holders front and back. Rear seats get air conditioning outlets in the centre console.

Despite being a very large vehicle, the cabin feels smaller than you might expect. It creates a sense of intimacy that tradies might think t