Who is Polestar, you may well ask? Polestar use to be Volvo’s strong arm in the racing rounds. Geely, Volvo’s big daddy, decided Polestar deserved its own sign above the door.

This has brought with it, a few teensy little difficulties, namely, there are no showrooms, and nowhere to get a test drive. Here is where it gets interesting: Polestar is negotiating with Volvo to use some of their gear. You might even see a Polestar on a Volvo forecourt, but is currently a secret club known only to a few.

There is only 1 model, the Polestar 2. It is an EV in regular and long range, with long-range having a dual motor option. There are option packs costing many shekels, some containing absolute essentials like smart cruise, and blind spot monitor.

See the Polestar site for car and pack details

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