As the title suggests, Volvo’s XC 60 has the get up and go to match good looks and value.

Some might argue that our test price of 92 grand is steep, but, set it against Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Jaguar, and the story changes completely. “Are you saying Volvo is in the same class as BMW,” I hear you cry? Yes, that is exactly what I’m saying.

Let’s have a look at this objectively:

We’ve used Volvo’s excellent Google operating system before, and can say without question, that it is vastly superior to Mercedes and BMW. It is easier to use, especially by voice, and is fully integrated into the car system.

No matter which function you pick, it is easier. There are one or two little glitches here and there, for example the previous function doesn’t always resume if you send a text (using Siri). CarPlay isn’t available as yet, but Hey Siri still works if your phone is in the console where it can hear you.

Adding favourites to car radio is as easy as going to the list and hitting the “Star” against the station title. You can unselect the same way, even if you’re already in the “favourites” page.

You can ask the car to take you home, and it will. And if you’re signed into your google account, it will show in the HUD as directions. You can keep the annoying voice turned off, and listen to some nice ambient music streaming from Spotify. Both the Spotify and Google maps will then work even if you are out of cell range temporarily, once the route is active or list selected.

Best of all, the Google assistant will interact with anything connected to your account, such as home automation.

Fast Facts HERE: Volvo XC60 B6 R-Design EIQ89Q fact sheet as tested