I received literally no letters at all this week about this subject but here is a top tip tip anyway: When you think your car audio system isn’t working because there is no “accessories” setting, try pressing the “on” switch on the radio.

It sounds silly but many car makers now have decided that  if you want your radio on you’ll turn it on so here is what to do.

Chrysler 300 SRT 8 (3)

1: turn car off.

(if radio goes off either immediately or after a period of time)

2:  PRESS ON (or POWER) SWITCH on the radio

3: Switch to the desired mode (eg radio, MP3, aux, USB etc)

Often this is no in your user guide. Some models require the key to be in the ignition, or in the case of ;push-button-start models, in your pocket.

Good luck.

***the example here, the power switch is also the VOLUME knob so just press the button after you switch the ignition off.