Volkswagen is introducing a new generation of its open air bestseller to the cities, streets and beaches. It offers all the advantages of a Golf – one of the most awarded car in the world. And one more advantage as well: the soft top opens fully automatically in just 9.0 seconds, and this can be done while driving up to 30 km/h. And what happens in autumn when the Golf top is closed and summer is over? The answer is clear: the four-seat Volkswagen is a versatile, year-round cabriolet thanks to its practical traits and the sophisticated design of its soft top.

A circle is completed:
Volkswagen is continuing a great tradition with the Golf Cabriolet. Internationally – on the past 3 models produced between 1979 and 2002 – over 680,000 drivers worldwide chose the cabriolet version. The new Golf Cabriolet has the potential to continue this history now without a significant feature – a roll bar. This function of the roll bar is now being performed by an extremely fast rollover protection system that deploys in fractions of a second. Front and front side/head airbags, a knee airbag on the driver’s side and ESP are also always standard. After all, safety is a top priority.

All-rounder instead of diva:
When the top is up, this Volkswagen is one of the quietest cars of its kind. In addition, the Golf Cabriolet offers one of the most spacious interiors in its class and – thanks to the soft top – unlimited use of the boot space and 250 litres of cargo capacity, even with the top down. This enables open-top cruising in the Golf Cabriolet with a full load of cargo in the boot. In addition, the folding rear bench seat is split, which significantly increases stowage capacity.

Maximum safety:
The body of the Golf Cabriolet offers maximum all-round safety thanks to its extremely fast rollover protection system that deploys in milliseconds, a reinforced windscreen frame and numerous other structural modifications (under body, side panels, sills, back panel, doors). These many reinforcements also give the 4.33 metre long, 1.78 metre wide and (top up) 1.42 metre tall Golf Cabriolet extreme torsional rigidity.

Very clearly the Golf among cabriolets:
The styling of the Golf Cabriolet’s rear section, lower roof line and more swept-back windscreen frame also give it a high degree of sporty independence. When the soft top is down, the Golf Cabriolet has an elegant, extended appearance. With the top up, the compact and crisp styling lines around the ‘imaginary’ C-pillars transfers it to contemporary times.

Interior. High-end with cabrio feeling:
The cabriolet version of the Golf follows the high styling and material quality standards of the classic hardtop Golf 1:1 in the interior. This results in a level of sophistication that is otherwise only offered in significantly more expensive cabriolets. Like the Eos before it, the Golf sets itself apart from many other convertibles in the compact class in one key interior attribute: the windscreen frame is refreshingly short, optimising the cabrio feeling.

One cabriolet, lots of equipment options:
In the exterior area, standard features include smoked LED rear lights, sporty 17-inch wheels with 225 tyres and chrome trim on the radiator grille. Interior and functional features that are standard include a fully automatic electro-hydraulic black fabric roof, sports suspension, dual zone climate control automatic air conditioning, comfort front seats with rear seat easy entry aid, Bluetooth and MDI (USB) connectivity and “Matte Chrome” decorative inserts.

Sustainable cruising:
The twincharged direct-injection petrol engine that is offered with the Golf Cabriolet is ideal for long and short trips throughout the 4 seasons. Power output is provided at 118 kW with 240Nm of torque matched with either a 6-speed manual transmission or a 7-speed DSG transmission. The Golf Cabriolet achieves fuel consumption figures of just 6.5 l/100 km (6.6 manual) and emits 153/km CO2 (155 manual).

Technology of the bestseller:
The Golf Cabriolet’s engine powers the front wheels, and utilises the same powertrain and chassis system available in Golf hatch. Therefore, the familiar MacPherson-type strut suspension with performance-optimised anti-roll bars are used in front. In the rear, the new Golf Cabriolet has an innovative multilink rear suspension, which ensures that the ESP system very seldom needs to be activated.