Yesterday I spent time in the Tesla Model 3’s passenger’s seat for the first time. Not only that, I rode in the rear seat for a couple of short stints and that normally wouldn’t be a story, but it is, and here’s why.

The infotainment screen has been completely renewed. There are new menus, and a new look. Across the bottom, fixed virtual buttons have been rearranged. there are climate controls for either front seat, and 3 dots to access menu options (instead of the previous up arrow )


The new Model 3 updates now present a picture of the side of the car. The smallish live video is presented at the bottom of the driver’s display. That’s not exactly newsworthy. Lots of brands do that.

The problem with Model 3 is that the driver’s display is the righthand side (in righthand drive models) of the centre screen. The landscape tablet is large, but the driving data is only a small portion of the precious real estate. Since there are no other driver displays, this is important data. Sadly, the pictures appears over the top of the lane graphic showing the car’s position.

With hands on the steering wheel at 9 and 3 o’clock, that section of the screen is hard to see. The only way to view it is to move your left hand. The side view live video is a new feature, but you need to be able to place it where you can see it.

Model 3 will auto-lane-change when auto-pilot is active.

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