“We’ve busted the myth that electric vehicles have to be boring. And we’ve got our customers covered with North America’s largest electric vehicle public charging network.1 Now Ford is gearing up to unveil its all-electric, Mustang-inspired SUV across the globe on November 17, 2019.”

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1Based on automotive manufacturers that sell all-electric vehicles and have publicly announced charging networks. Department of Energy data used.

The move to electrification has begun in earnest.

In Europe, governments have mandated the removal of internal combustion engines from new vehicles, and within 30 years, the production of power and charging infrastructure will be more than enough to cope with demand.

Smart networks will help prevent overloading the system. Solutions like timed charging will be linked and all vehicles will serve as battery storage to smooth out “base load” issues.

You car will become a mobile battery rather than transport.

The thing about cars is they are only of use to the owners while they are actually in motion. The time in the garage is lost investment. Bi Directional Charging will turn the car into a power asset.

In addition, EVs will have technology on display. They’ll be connected to the system, and to each other. It is this that is hoped will provide autonomy and safety at a level we haven’t seen before.

Ford hopes the new SUV will compliment its move into and SUV manufacturer. It remains to eb seen how many passenger cars Ford retails this time next decade.

For now, Ford, like most other car makers, has accelerated its move but the punters will be the judge of the success, or otherwise, of the strategy.

We think it is a winner.