McLaren launches Fiesty 600LT Long Tail

McLaren’s 600LT is a barely legal $455,000 road car.

The track focused fire-breathing super car comes with beguiling looks, and huge power, with a price to match.

The stunning looks are unmistakably McLaren. The signature front end, and characteristic rear lights are coupled to a strikingly sculptured body crafted in exotic materials.

600LT is the 4th car in the Long Tail series and is the lightest, most powerful model in the sports series range.

Asia Pacific Managing Director, George Biggs says, “Although track focused, the 600LT can be used daily”.

Weighing just 1,274kg, 600LT will do 0-100 in just 2.9 seconds and on to 200kph in 8.2 seconds. It brakes at 200kph and come to a stop in just 117m.

Power comes from a twin-turbo 3.8L V8. With 441kw and a massive 620Nm of torque, the carbon fibre construction gives a power to weight ratio of 292kw per tonne. The sound has been channeled directly from the gates of hell. You’ll find yourself revving it just to have the cacophony assault your senses.

The transmission is a 7 speed “seamless-shift gearbox with reverse, of course.

Double wishbone suspension is assisted by adaptive dampers.

Aerodynamics are helped by weight savings: Thinner glass saves 2.1kg, brakes save 4.1kg, and racing seats are 21kg lighter than regular McLaren road-going models. They’ve even managed a 12.1kg saving in the exhaust system.

The carbon fibre monocoque tub weighs just 80kg. Aluminium and other lightweight materials have been woven in to the language of speed.


There is 40kg of additional down force from the front splitter, and with additional rear downforce, there is 100kg of added cornering downforce over the 570 models.

A cabin focused on the driver feels surprisingly normal. Seats are extremely firm and a very tight fit.

Instruments are in easy reach and the driving position is typical of track cars, low and stretched out. There are few cubby holes for your stuff. If you’re clever, you’ll be able to sneak a few things in for a weekend away.

Although not quite as “Soft” on the road, Mr Biggs says the 600LT can still be used often.

Doors swing up with part of the roof going up with it. Getting in is an art form. The tub has slightly lowered sides so getting out means swinging your legs out first. Once you get into the swing of it, it is easy.

Once ensconced, you become part of the McLaren, or rather, it becomes part of you.

“At the edge of sanity, there is genius,” Mr Biggs said.

600LT will only be on sale for 12 months, and McLaren expects all units which come to Australia to be pre-sold. Production starts in October.