HARS –Historical Aircraft Restoration Society

We took the Audi Q7 for a spin to Albion Park Rail to visit the HARS hangars and the fabulous planes held therein. Here are some random shot including the aircraft. There is a 747-400 recently decommissioned and the inimitable Connie, a Super Constellation. Of course I couldn’t resist a snap of a mint condition Volvo P1800s lurking just under the tail to the Boeing.

DC 3

Above:- ex RAAF DC3 (C47)

HARS catalina flying boat

Above:- Catalina Flying Boat

There are some great shot of this aircraft on the HARS website

Below:- Connie, the Super Constellation

This aircraft was found in the desert. A cockpit window had been left open and for 14 years pigeons had made Connie their home. 1.4 tons of debris including feathers, nesting material and poo was removed. There is no trace now. Connie smells just like an old plane should

HARS Connie super constellation (8)HARS Connie super constellation (1)

Above right, and Below: Navigation tools, Connie Super Constellation

The instrument was used and placed into the aperture in the roof. The window, also in the roof, has markings on it and is also presumably used to navigation

HARS Connie super constellation (2)HARS Connie super constellation (3)

below:- Connie Super Constellation cockpit, escape rope

No escape slide here. Shove open the hatch and throw the rope out.

HARS Connie super constellation (4)HARS Connie super constellation (5)

below:- Connie Super Constellation seats (from a 767), cockpit

The seats were added and are from a 767 aircraft

HARS Connie super constellation (6)HARS Connie super constellation (7)

below:- Connie Super Constellation

HARS Connie super constellation (9)HARS Connie super constellation (10)

below:- Connie Super Constellation nose, cockpit showing navigator/engineer position

HARS Connie super constellation (11)HARS Connie super constellation (12)

below:- Connie Super Constellation engine oil leaks under wing, German WWII fighter

Tucked under Connie’s wing is a WWII aircraft for safe keeping. This fighter pilot escorted a British crew home during the war. He had the opportunity to shoot them down but the British crew had a plane almost completely disabled. Large parts of it had been shot away during a raid. The pilot kept the plane after the war where it lived in the USA. Pictures of the stricken aircraft can be seen at HARS.

HARS Connie super constellationHARS WWII plane

below:-F1-11, F1-11 and Connie Super Constellation tail

HARS F1-11 (1)HARS F1-11 (2)

above and below:-F1-11

This F1-11 is still sufficiently current that if HARS ever wanted to dispose of it, it must be returned to the RAAF. It is a magnificent thing even in retirement.

HARS F1-11 (3)HARS F1-11 (4)HARS F1-11 (5)HARS F1-11 (6)HARS F1-11 (7)

Below: Bomber (front view, cockpit, inside rear exhaust

This trainer bomber was not included in my notes so I guess you’ll just have to go look for yourself.

HARS mystery bomber (1)HARS mystery bomber (2)HARS mystery bomber

Below:- 747-400 with Audi Q7

This 747-400

Video thanks- Mitchel Nelson

This 747- holds the record for the longest flight by a 747, non-stop London to Sydney. The plane was flown from Seattle to London especially for the inaugural flight. It is believed the 10 minute flight from Sydney to Illawarra Regional Airport which is also the home of HARS, is also a record for the shortest flight of a 747.

from Crikey:

In the crowd and at the steps to welcome OJA to its intended final parking place, was Captain David Massy-Greene, who commanded VH-OJA’s yet unbroken record for a non-stop flight between London and Sydney in August 1989, when it made that journey in 20 hours nine minutes and five seconds.

Captain Massy-Greene said that during the test and certification flying of the 747-400s, he had the pleasure of being on one that explored its high speed buffet characteristics at mach 0.98, almost the speed of sound, only to discover there was no buffet. “It was an amazingly smooth flying airliner under pressure” he said.

3 of the engines were still serviceable and have been recovered by QANTAS. A decommissioned engine has been attached for balance. QANTAS will return a further 2 decommissioned engines to complete the display.

Audi Q7 outing (10)

Lack of space dictates the tail of “OJA” hangs out over the perimeter fence providing welcome shade on a hot day

HARS 747-400Audi Q7 outing (11)

Below:- 747-400

HARS 747-400 (2)

The main rear rests on a meter thick concrete pad made especially for “OJA”. Officially OJA cannot take off from the 1800m runway but the pilots who flew her in say their simulator training says otherwise. They spent many hours training for the extra short landing and say that OJA could be loaded with enough fuel for a short flight and could easily make it back to Sydney 10 minutes to the north.

Audi Q7 outing (12)

HARS 747 400 wollongong (1)HARS 747 400 wollongong (2)

Above and below:- one of the pylons sans engine

HARS 747 400 wollongong (3)HARS 747 400 wollongong (4)

HARS 747 400 wollongong (5)HARS 747 400 wollongong (6)

Volvo P1800s HARS (1)Volvo P1800s HARS (2)

Above:- P1800s parked under the 747-400 tail

Wing from Southern Cross replica

Wing repair:- Southern Cross replica


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