A weekend away in a Hyundai Tucson: 4 Boys Camping

Camping? No love, don’t be a complete and utter knob. We headed to Max’s mum’s place, with 5 cosy charismatic country cottages, in Hyundai’s Tucson.

Our FULL REVIEW and Video will be along in a week or so, meanwhile view specifications HERE: Hyundai_NX4-Tucson_Spec-Table

Anyone with a pulse, knows the world’s weather is on a spin cycle. This bizarre game of cosmic musical chairs has presented somewhat of an opportunity. Covid and its many lockdowns have kept we amigos apart for far too long, and with Casper and Ethan now dating, they’ve opted for Christmas in Cairns. That left Max and I to take Nico and his new squeeze, Raffie, for a turn into the country. Raffie is very pretty, which is just as well, poor love.

We headed out of Sydney, meeting an apocalyptic-weather  abomination as we turned onto the M1 heading north. The rain was so heavy, not even the Tucson’s fabulously sturdy insulation could meet the match. It was as if the SUV was being pelted by billiard balls, so we stopped beneath an overpass to let the worst of it blow itself out, and in 10 minutes it was almost gone.

We got lucky.

A slew of motorists had stopped on the side of the highway, and were brushing glass from their laps from trashed windscreens aplenty.  We really dodged a bullet, so carried on, carefully.

The localised burst seemed to have ended only a handful of kilometres away. We were having to thread our way through debris strewn across the road, with everyone keeping an eye out for errant branches and other such sundry detritus.

We voted for a music selection, and classical won out, so we streamed online tunes through CarPlay while we had decent signal, then switched to the on-board collection once into the countryside.

The real star was the Tucson.