Driving an electric car can’t be done long distance, they said. Despite these idiot government claims otherwise during the last election, it can be done, easily. Australians were told that the left side of politics was trying to take away their weekends, take away their trucks, and take away their fun.

None of it was true.

The government said electric cars couldn’t tow, and Tesla responded by towing an empty airliner.

The round trip from Brisbane to Sydney complete, around 1968.55km were completed during that time, costing $141.98AUD. A petrol car would have been around $400 at least. Since then, fuel has dropped slightly in price.

Several free charges featured during the trips, and these were done at 22kW shopping centre chargers available to all, just to add extra benefit.

While it may have seemed that the trip was planned around the availability of ultra-fast charging, there were not parts of the journey that had to be canned because of the lack of charging infrastructure.

Apart from the main Sydney/Brisbane legs, a side trip to Wollongong, and another to Penrith featured, all CO2-free.

During the current election campaign, the conservative revealed plans to funnel more public money in to the oil industry. It shows a lack of understanding of both climate change, and the auto industry. Carmakers in the US, EU, UK, Korea, and Japan have all committed to EV-only manufacture. They won’t be making cars specially for the Australian market, so we had best get used to it.

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