Wildtrack, Ford’s sexy pickup truck

Wildtrack, Ford’s sexy pickup truck

2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrack Road Test, Review

Passenger cars are feeling less love than a PM’s election promise.

It had been many moons since last I drove a Ranger, so I was looking forward seeing what Ford has managed to shoehorn into an old favourite.

LCVs like Ranger, Colorado, and Triton, now account for a substantial number of Australian vehicle sales.

Unsurprisingly then, Ranger is Ford’s best seller. The company sold 69,081 cars last year of which 42,144 were Rangers. 5,261 were rear wheel drive, with the remainder being full-blooded 4WD models, just as it should be.

Ford shed 11.6% of its sales as a result of much-loved local models being axed. Ranger then becomes their most important product.

There are a plethora of tasty updates including infotainment, engine, transmission and onboard technology.

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Wildtrack was previously top of the Ranger tree. The website now shows just 3 models: XLT, Wildtrack, and a rather mean-looking Raptor.

The 2 latter models eschew the solely utilitarian function of the lowly pov-model.

Posh trims are aimed at the man who fancies something other than those dull and uninspiring school-run SUVs, but needs a ute tray. He wants something to pull jet ski or trailer.

Retirees aplenty can be seen trundling down the road at a mere canter, with their holiday home hitched to the back. It is the curse of holiday travel.

Therefore, Ranger has become much more than the sum of its parts. It is sexy and desirable, and very flexible.

It sits high off the ground with 232mm of ground clearance. It is 2163mm wide, 5355mm long, and 1848mm high. Wheelbase is a useful 3220mm, and the ute tray is 1549mm long at floor level.

The tray is covered by a nifty roller-door-like cover. It locks to keeps things nice and safe back there. There is a strap to grab it by when it is fully open. It tends to get caught in everything you store under it but the inconvenience is offset by the fact that you just have to leave it fully open for tall loads. Had covers hinge, and must be removed, usually requiring a good mate to help.

The cosy 4-door cabin is topped by smart set of roof rails. A sports bar unique to Wildtrack sits on top of the tray behind the cabin. It visually finishes off the exterior, and gives the cabin a touch of class.

The look is finished off with a smart set of black 18”wheels with P265/60 R18 tyres. Hallelujah, there is a proper full-size alloy spare wheel within easy ……

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