Jaguar 2021 F-Pace SE D300 R-Dynamic AWD Review

Like other modern Jaguars, F-Pace has undergone a few nip-and-tucks to keep it current, including a stunning new cabin, and sexy LED lighting outside.

If you think an Audi, BMW, Mercedes or any other medium-to-large SUV is better, try driving them side-by-side..


First, there is the delicious exterior.

The 2021 Jaguar F-Pace has new lighting, and if you want to tick even more boxes, there is a Matrix LED option. It should be standard, but alas. For a demo on how this stunning night display works, and just why it is so important, see our F-Pace VIDEO Review below.

The bonnet is lower, and the headlights sleeker. Tail lights have taken on a narrower look, with a squared-off motif replacing the semi-circles it had at launch. The grille is larger, and there are new bumpers.

20” wheels, once rare, are now commonplace. In black, they’ve finished off the ensemble a fine Swiss watch with a tux.

Other than that, unless you see the two side by side, you’ll be hard pressed to spot the new car.